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Melbowhub is a social enterprise focused on Residential neighbors. While working as a leasing consultant, Melbowhubs founder Masse witnessed how sad and lonely residential buildings can be. But it wasn’t until the death of one of his favorite residents, that he started to think about a way to do something about it. The company is named after the late Melissa Bowers, and has a mission to Make residential environments a more welcoming and socially driven communities by allowing countless of connections among residents on the basis of friendship, point of interest, and personal request. Additionally, he took on the mission to enable kids in Senegal, where he grew up, to have an opportunity to attend school.


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The change we help create through donations, of furniture, and grants—none of it is possible without you. All of those enable us to build a better tomorrow for children, whether that means school tuition for children halfway around the world, or create vital connections in our communities right here at home. So yes, we’re taking a stand. But with every connection and donation, so are you.


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